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Anyone with experience dealing with criminals knows that people who commit crimes on a regular basis come in all shapes and sizes. There are people who enjoy breaking into homes in an attempt to steal all the items of value, others who are doing so with an intention of holding victims hostage and still other people that enjoy something such as fraud and simply passing themselves off as something that they are not for the purpose of financial gain. It is important to understand that criminals are a vast group that have separate interests, this can lead to attempting to meet those interests in so many different ways. Generally though, someone that commits a crime is doing so for the purpose of exercising power over the victim in the situation. Rape is a great example of a criminal act in which the joy that the person gets is purely based on the feeling that they are more powerful than the victim. The examples that are listed here should give a great idea of the vast array of differences that exist in crimes that are being committed today. If you are searching for an answer to what is a private prosecution, you probably have someone in mind that has wronged you in some way. 

Extra information about what is a private prosecution

Typically, criminals are brought up on charges by a prosecutor that has been elected by the pubic. The public prosecutor represents the interest of the state and this proceeding is going to happen regardless of a decision made by the individual that has been harmed in many cases. Instead, the state is simply focused on making the person pay for the crime by punishing them in a way that has been set forward in the guidelines. However, a private prosecution means that the person that is being accused of the crime is being tried by someone that they have wronged. It is possible for them to get arrested once charges have been filed and a private investigation is underway. While this may require the person to obtain the assistance of a lawyer, they may also wish to carry out the prosecution of the criminal by presenting their case in front of a court on their own. However, it is important to remember that legal representation that has experience in the specific area of practice would be the best way to ensure results and make the criminal pay for their crimes.